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Why get involved?  To attract and guide new investment, create unique places and experiences, expand the local economy, reduce the City’s environmental footprint and ensure equity and access to local opportunities requires proactive thinking guided by local knowledge. In short, Uptown needs progressive action and a progressive vision driven by those most familiar with the issues and opportunities.  For these reasons, the Ecoinnovation District Plan must be community-driven.  

With this in mind, the Ecoinnovation District plan will be developed through a robust community engagement process that will provide the foundation for the vision and recommendations guiding change in Uptown and West Oakland.

There will be multiple ways to share your ideas and experiences about Uptown and West Oakland.  The first Open House - located at 300 Gist Street in Uptown will open February 25th.  In the meantime, please share your thoughts about the area here by tagging ideas and observations about specific places on our collaborative map.  Also, please take our community survey so we can learn more about you, your thoughts about Uptown / West Oakland today and your hopes for the future.  

Stay tuned for additional opportunities to get involved.  

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Please tell us about Uptown and West Oakland by clicking on the map and sharing your ideas (“We should slow down traffic here” or “ we should plant a garden on this lot”) or observations (“Traffic is really bad at this intersection” or “there’s always trash on this lot”) about your community. 

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